no more secrets
your son, he was a hero


Fan Bing Bing 

Fan Bing Bing 


Alex, it’s like a wall’s up around you and I’m on the outside. What aren’t you telling me? Nothing. Nothing. And you know what, it’s not like you haven’t shut me out before. Yeah, not like this. Oh yeah you have. Week after you came back from the desert, during basic. Alex, you don’t want to go there. You went away for maneuvers, you came back, all of a sudden I was a stranger. Forget I ever brought it up, okay? You know, I still don’t know what the hell happened.

a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household

You thought the Corp was more important to me than y o u.

noahthebean: Days off are better with this one @lyndsyloowho.

noahthebeanDays off are better with this one @lyndsyloowho.